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External battery sticks to your phone to offer a slim and stylish package

scosche magicmount powerbank external battery
If you carry around a portable battery for your device to avoid being caught without any power, you’re probably used to having a big ol’ battery hanging off the end of your phone. The MagicMount PowerBank, a new portable battery from Scosche, however, hopes to help make bringing along a portable battery a little easier.

The battery itself is super slim, and instead of dangling off the end of your device, it attaches magnetically to the back of it. A small cable attaches the battery to your iPhone through the lightning port. This basically gives you the benefits of a battery case — extra battery life that attaches to your phone — while still giving you the ability to bring your phone back to its normal slim self once you have enough power to get you through the rest of the day.

The battery itself is 4000mAh, which should give you an extra two full charges on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s — perhaps a little less if your phone is a Plus device. It also works with Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The box includes MagicPlates, which are magnets that allow the battery and the iPhone to connect, as well as a micro-USB cable, which is used to charge the battery itself. If you use a case for your device, the MagicPlate magnetic pad can still be attached under the case, provided the case isn’t too thick.


There is one thing to consider about the product — the MagicPlates connect to your phone using a strong adhesive, so once you take the battery off, there will still be a plate stuck to your device. Scosche customer support said the adhesive is quite strong, but can be removed using a blow dryer, if you so choose. If you do use a case and don’t want to stick a big magnet almost permanently to your phone, you can connect the MagicPlate to the outside of the case.

MagicMount PowerBank comes in a range of colors to match your phone. The battery is $60, and can be purchased from the company’s website.

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