Siemens MC60 Review

Quote from the review at Mobile Burn:

“But unlike both the Sl55 and the T68, the MC60 comes with a built-in CIF camera. This means it can take photos with a maximum resolution of 352×288. Additionally, it supports other sizes such as 176×144, 320×240, and 160×120. The auto white balance setting for the camera does an admirable job of adjusting to different lighting sources. In fact, it did a better job than the manual Daylight/Indoor settings in my tests. The overall quality of the image, though, was still somewhat lacking. Focus was poor, contrast was a bit low. Acceptable for the random snapshot, I suppose, but not something you would want to MMS over to a friend who uses a phone with a big and bright display. You can see some example photos taken by the MC60 at the end of the story.”

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