SK Telecom and Bell Labs Will Develop 4G Wireless Telecommunications

sk-bellSK Telecom and Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent today announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that provides a framework for research projects in next-generation telecommunications technology. The two companies met on the 16th at SK Telecom headquarters and signed the MoU agreeing to cooperate in research and development of post 4G wireless telecommunication technologies and intelligent network technologies.

In the area of wireless telecommunications technology, one potential project involves the two companies working toward defining what the architecture and shape of wireless networks will look like beyond 4G networks that network operators are introducing today. Another potential area focuses on developing methods for enabling increasingly complex networks to manage and configure themselves. Demand for these self-optimizing networks is expected to grow as network operators aim to achieve greater efficiencies. The two companies may also explore technologies that can be applied at the core of operator networks within the next two to three years such as Cloud Computing, a concept that describes the transformation of applications processing from devices at the edge of the network to network servers.

Through this relationship, both SK Telecom and Bell Labs can utilize their complementary interests. SK Telecom expects to collaborate in core technologies such as interference control, network automation and virtualization under multi-network environment, which will contribute to optimizing the network transmission efficiency as well as reducing network operation cost. The project will serve as a platform for Bell Labs to deepen its capabilities in emerging technology areas and broaden its research program in Korea.

“This agreement is a great opportunity for both companies to collaborate on future core telecommunication technologies through a combination of SK Telecom’s wide range of end-user services and capability in network commercialization and Bell Labs’ market proven R&D power in telecommunication area,” said Jae Wan Byun, Senior Vice President and Head of Institute of Network Technology, SK Telecom.

“We believe that Bell Labs’ preeminent research capabilities in emerging network technologies combined with SK Telecom’s market experience could lead to new growth opportunities for Alcatel-Lucent and enable SK Telecom to achieve its strategic objectives,” said Debasis Mitra, Vice President, Global Research and University Partnership, Bell Labs.

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