Sling Media Releases SlingPlayer Mobile

Sling Media put out a beta last month, but today the company took the wraps off the official release of SlingPlayer Mobile, enabling users of smart phones and PDAs running Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5.0 and 2003 Second Edition to watch and control their home televisions, so long as they have a Slingbox and access to sufficient bandwidth.

SlingPlayer Mobile enables customers to place-shift their local TV service (including local channels, video-on-demand services, pay-per-view, etc.) to their Windows Mobile device anywhere they can access the Internet via a broadband connection, including 3G mobile phone service, WiFi, Bluetooth, or even a USB connector. SlingPlayer Mobile can also enable users to control their home DVRs to watch recorded programming, or pause/rewind/fast-forward live TV.

SlingPlayer Mobile carries a one-time license fee of $29.99 with no recurring subscription charge; a 30-day trial is available. Customers who purchased a Slingbox on or before April 26, 2006 will receive a free license for Slingbox Mobile.

Sling Media plans to release version of SlingPlayer Mobile for non-touchscreen devices which run Windows Mobile, and eventually to port SlingPlayer Mobile to non-Windows Mobile Platforms.