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Avid swimmer? Save $30 on this top-rated waterproof MP3 player

When it comes to the perks of digital tech, it’s hard to find an area of our lives that has been more improved upon than health and fitness. And swimmers won’t be left behind. Take, for example, the waterproof earbuds and audio devices that are on offer. Right now, you can get the Swimbuds Flip Headphones and 8GB Syryn Waterproof MP3 Player for only $60. That’s $30 off it’s original price of $90. Act fast though!

Between smartwatches, wireless headphones, and portable audio devices, staying in shape has never been easier, more fun, or more efficient. And as technology improves, more athletes are getting in on the action. Take swimmers, for example. Nowadays, there are some phenomenal waterproof earphones, MP3 players, and other portable audio devices that can keep you informed, entertained, distracted, or just on a mission while you’re swimming your laps, or just having a relaxing dip. The 8GB Syryn Waterproof MP3 Player is one of the best, not just according to its amazing design and features, but countless positive reviews on Amazon.

Just listen to this user:

I’ve been using this for the last 6 months, swimming for up to 2 hours up to 5 times a week so it’s had plenty of use and I’m really pleased with it.

As pools figure out the safe way to accommodate swimmers again, this MP3 player can be your best friend. It’s super easy to use. On the exterior facing side of the device, there are three large, easy-to-find buttons that let you operate the Syryn in the middle of your workout, even if you’re mid-stroke. There’s also an onboard shuffle feature, in case you get bored of what’s playing and want a little variety in your aural diet.

Another excellent aspect of this MP3 player is that it’s independent. It doesn’t tie you to a smartphone or smartwatch the way many other devices do. You clip it on and jump in and you’re all set. You swim for an escape, and this device helps provide it. And part of that is not worrying about water damaging the device. You can fully submerge this device and it can withstand sustained pressure up to 10 feet. It’s actually 100% waterproof and guaranteed by a one-year warranty. The battery life is plentiful as well: 10 hours from a single charge. And the 8GB of storage space gives you tons of room for all your music, podcasts, or books, no matter if they’re MP3 or WMA format.

One of the best ways to escape and stay fit in the upcoming months is to swim (safely!). The Swimbuds Flip Headphones and 8 GB Syryn Waterproof MP3 Player is the ideal swimming companion and right now it’s $30 off. You can get it for only, $60, down from its original price of $90.

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