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Sorry, no buttonless iPod Touch on the way

fakeLast week, a very low-quality photo of the supposed iPod Touch with a capacitive home button renewed talk about Apple freeing itself of buttons. While there is, of course, still no escaped word from Cupertino on such a device, a much better look at the buttonless PMP has surfaced – so much better that it’s looking pretty illegitimate.

Crunchgear claims that its “anonymous tipster” who sent in the streaky shot last week cleaned up his act to send in a much crisper image of the iPod Touch. However, he failed to cover his tracks a bit: The image file had been saved in photo editor GIMP and taking a few different looks at the photo with increased contrast shows with near certainty that some editing with the clone stamp got rid of the home button.

So this may conclude the saga of the buttonless iPod Touch. If you were swept up in the thrill of the thing, don’t worry – you’ve still got Apple’s upcoming ‘smart bezel’ technology to fixate on.

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