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Sprint seems to have removed Galaxy Forever from its stores and online

sprint nixes galaxy forever samsung s7 edge h20 proof
If you were planning to get either the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge on Sprint, you may now have one less way of doing that, as the carrier seems to have silently removed the Galaxy Forever leasing program, reports FierceWireless.

Announced alongside both phones, Galaxy Forever allowed customers who were leasing either the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge to upgrade to a new Galaxy phone the moment they made 12 monthly payments. Perfect for those constantly changing phones, the program restarts once the upgrade is complete.

It is unknown what led to Sprint nixing Galaxy Forever, with possible reasons ranging from cost-savings to Android users switching phones more regularly than iPhone users, since iPhone Forever is still around. Regardless, we doubt the decision was due to poor sales — thanks in large part to Samsung’s flagship phones outperforming expectations, the company expects to report $7 billion in operating profit for the second quarter, a two-year high for Samsung. Regardless, it looks like Galaxy Forever is no longer offered in Sprint stores and is no longer available online.

Interestingly, there is no leasing option whatsoever for the Galaxy S7 Edge, though customers can still get the Galaxy S7 through an equipment installment plan. As for folks who already purchased either phone through Galaxy Forever, it is unknown what will happen to their devices. Sprint still offers several promotions, however, with the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge for free if you buy either phone, and the carrier offering half off a second Galaxy S7 if you buy the phone for the full price.

Now the fourth-largest U.S. carrier, Sprint continues to struggle, as the company posted a net loss of $554 million during the first quarter. Verizon’s “can you hear me now” guy did make the switch to Sprint, and the company did enact several cost-saving measures in January, but its continuing struggles have been well documented.

Digital Trends reached out to Sprint for comment and will update accordingly.

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