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Sprint ups the ante, ‘iPhone for Life’ plan now allows for annual upgrades

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When Sprint launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last month, it also introduced the “iPhone for Life” plan. By paying $20 a month on top of the $50 unlimited call, text, and data plan, you can lease either iPhone 6 model. Normally, you would be able to upgrade for the next iPhone in two years, but Sprint has upped the ante by adding a new option.

The new plan now allows for annual upgrades, and it starts at $30 a month. As with the other option, it goes on top of the required $50 unlimited plan. The monthly payment does differ, depending on which iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus you choose. If you don’t want either handset, though, the iPhone 5S is also available for lease, starting at $18 a month.

This new lease plan represents Sprint’s renewed drive to offer cheaper and enticing plans to consumers. Most recently, Sprint pledged to double the data offered by AT&T’s high-end family plans, which start at 30GB for $130 a month. In addition, Sprint now offers a low-end family data plan that offers 1GB of data for $20 a month.

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