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Google’s Area 120 releases yet another app, and this one turns speech into emojis

Unicode 11.0
Just a couple days after launching Uptime, the app that allows you to turn your YouTube video-watching experience into a social gathering, Google’s startup incubator Area 120 has come out with yet another app. Meet Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger — it’s a mouthful but chock full of fun, as the real-time voice messaging app not only transcribes your speech into text to send to your friends, but also turns some of your words into emojis. Because who says that you’re not a descriptive speaker?

Unlike Uptime, which was, ironically enough for Google, an iOS exclusive release, Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger is available for Android users. To use it, all you need to do is press the microphone button, share your thoughts, and then watch in awe as the app transcribes what you’re saying. It won’t randomly add emojis to your message — rather, if you say something that has a corresponding picture message, it’ll be inserted. Then again, given the plethora of emoji that the Unicode Consortium has made available, you should probably prepare yourself for a very, very colorful transcription.

Once you’ve sent your message, the recipient will not only get the written copy, but also the audio version, so they can hear you narrate your own text. And taking a page from Snapchat’s book on ephemerality, once the message has been read or heard, it will disappear.

Of course, considering that the app is still new, it has a few kinks it needs to work out, and sometimes it isn’t the best at transcribing what you say. But still, it seems like a fun new communication app to try out, so if you’re an Android user, you can check it out for yourself now.

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