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T-Mobile’s John Legere offers a checklist of how Verizon Wireless is screwing its customers

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Love or hate T-Mobile CEO John Legere, you have to agree that he speaks his mind and doesn’t worry about what anyone thinks about it. After having a little feud with Sprint, he has now set his eyes on the biggest U.S. carrier.

Verizon Wireless changed its logo yesterday, and Legere found it to be a good opportunity to bash the carrier. He’s not so much concerned with the actual design of the logo itself, but the fact that the company is still the same old, same old. A new logo generally means a new image, but Legere pointed out on Twitter that’s not the case, at least according to him.

Even his arch enemy, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure chimed in with “Finally, @JohnLegere wrote something that makes sense.”

Interesting enough, the response with the hashtag #NewVerizonLogo has been dismal at best, and not everyone agrees with Legere. Twitter user @thenoblestu came back with, “I hate Verizon, but at least they have a signal in my area” and @obetsm said, “Creative, but you’re making T-Mobile look even worse than the #NewVerizonLogo.”

However, Legere fans did jump on the bandwagon in his defense. @ItsMikeSwanson added a new checklist item, “above all, charges way too much,” while others like @joe012594 made fun of the new logo by saying, “Our look is evolving along with our customers. A Smaller check mark = losing customers.”

In Verizon’s defense, the carrier has changed its ways for the better by dropping two-year contracts for good. Of course, Legere will take credit for that one because T-Mobile’s move in that direction caused Verizon to follow suit.

Legere has definitely disrupted the U.S. carrier business, and for the better. His latest effort to abolish all overage fees could be one of his biggest disruptions. He plans on making a huge statement to AT&T, Sprint, and of course, Verizon, very soon with the hope they join him in eliminating overage fees for good.

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