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The Un-carrier is adding more free stuff to its ‘T-Mobile Tuesdays’ program

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Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends
Your Tuesdays are about to get even better, if you’re a T-Mobile customer, that is. Last month, the Un-carrier announced a few updates to its T-Mobile Tuesdays program, in which the company quite literally gives away things for free.

From Wendy’s Frostys to $15 credits on Lyft, T-Mobile customers are starting their weeks with quite a bit of free merchandise. T-Mobile has added new partners including Buffalo Wild Wings, PetSmart, Subway restaurants, and Shell gas stations, and now, the mobile service provider is also offering customers a chance at a year of dinners and movies. So if you’re single, this may just be your ticket into a relationship.

The prizes offered on October 18 are just a sample of the types of giveaways T-Mobile is now known for. On Tuesday, T-Mobile customers can get 10 free 4×6 photo prints from Printicular to brighten up their home decor, as well as a free movie rental from Vudu. And next week, two grand prize winners will win a check for $3,640 for dinners ($70 per week for 52 weeks) as well as a Fandango gift card covering the cost of two standard movie tickets per week for 52 weeks. And T-Mobile has even factored in your taxes — each winner will receive an additional check for $2,229 for other expenses that being a winner might incur.

And if a $10 dinner every night all year doesn’t sound like something you want, you can get a check for the full price of the “dinner and movie” prize instead — that would come in at $7,429.

The popular program (seriously, who doesn’t want free stuff?) has already resulted in the collection of more than 14 million gifts from brands like StubHub, Fandango, Vudu, and Lyft in its first three months of existence. For a time, the T-Mobile Tuesdays app topped Apple’s App Store list, and at its peak it hit No. 3 on Google Play. And T-Mobile seems confident that this popularity will only rise with the addition of more loot.

“T-Mobile Tuesdays has turned the idea of the loyalty program upside down. This isn’t about customers showing loyalty to us — it’s about us showing our loyalty to them with free stuff — every single week,” said John Legere, T-Mobile’s president and CEO. “Free movies, free food, free rides, and great discounts on gas are just some of the ways we’ve said Thank You!”

So just what new stuff are Un-carrier customers be eligible for? Starting on September 6, subscribers became able to get a free 6-inch oven-roasted chicken sub from Subway restaurants, a free Lyft ride, and a Vudu movie rental. Because surely, the only thing you want to do after eating at Subway is to get a ride home and sit down in front of the television, right?

So if you’re a fan of getting stuff for free (and depend on T-Mobile for your mobile needs), download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and start collecting those Lyft credits and free sandwiches. You never know when they’ll come in handy.

Article originally published in September 2016. Updated on 10-17-2016: Added news of free dinners and movies for a year as a T-Mobile Tuesdays prize. 

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