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Tag Heuer shoots, scores with new Premier League Wear OS watch face

TAG Heuer | Premier League Interactive Watchface

If you own one of Tag Heuer’s Connected smartwatches, whether it’s the Connected Modular 45 or our preferred model, the Connected Modular 41, and are a soccer fan, the company has the watch face for you. It’s designed to keep you up-to-date with all the 2018-2019 Premier League season’s developments, right on your wrist.

Tag Heuer announced the special interactive watch face to celebrate the extension of its partnership with England’s top flight league. Tag Heuer will continue timing games — the company was the very first official Premier League timekeeper — whether its while the match is in progress, or through the international television broadcasts.

The exciting part about the watch face is the deep customization, as rather than follow each team and risk an overload of information, the watch face can be linked to your favorite team. This way all the match timings, live updates, player changes, and the scores delivered will be ones you want to see. Notifications can also be added, providing alerts on when the game starts, and goals scored at exactly the time they happen. Tag Heuer’s going to want to make sure all this is accurate too. Its reputation is at stake.

If you think this sounds slightly familiar, it’s similar to the way Hublot’s Big Bang Referee smartwatch operated during the World Cup. The special, limited edition watch provided up-to-date information on games, including goal alerts, was worn by World Cup referees, and shown off at the Baselworld 2018 watch fair. Hublot and Tag Heuer are both part of the LMVH luxury product conglomerate.

Additionally, Tag Heuer has also collaborated with sports teams and personalities in the past. Several big-name sports stars including Tom Brady and Jeremy Lin have designed custom Wear OS watch faces, for example. The Connected Modular range of watches also includes special editions linked to sports sponsored by Tag Heuer, with the most recent being a stunning collaboration with F1’s Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.

For now, though, it’s all about soccer (or football, whatever works for you). Sadly, if you’re a Premier League fan without a Tag Heuer smartwatch, you won’t be able to use the watch face on any other Wear OS device — it’s an exclusive to the brand. Those lucky enough to have a Connected Modular watch on their wrist, can download the watch face for free from Google Play now.

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