Telenav announces free turn-by-turn navigation in any HTML5-capable browser


Based out of Sunnyvale, California, location-based services company Telenav announced the development of software that allows the use of turn-by-turn driving directions within any HTML5 browser on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. The browser-based, full color map service can be embedded on a Web page and will include features like voice prompts at turns as well as rerouting automatically when a turn on the map is missed. The software doesn’t require any installation on the user’s end and is likely targeted at businesses that want to provide directions to consumers through an official company site. The software automatically utilizes the existing GPS chip within a mobile device. 

TeleNav-HTML5-navigationAccording to Telenav’s official blog post on the subject, implementing the software on the developer end is as simple as adding one line of code. The code would make any address listed on the site into a link that brings up the navigation window. Telenav is hoping that this will appeal to businesses as consumers con’t have to leave the site in order to access directions to a physical location of the business. The implementation also allows Telenav to make software improvements to the navigation software without inconveniencing consumers or developers. Telenav doesn’t have any plans to charge developers or consumers for the service at this time and expects to launch during early 2012. Consumers will be able to access the free turn-by-turn navigation as long as the corresponding device uses a HTML5 browser. 

Telenav also offers two applications on the Apple App Store designed for iPhone users. While both applications come with 30 days of free voice, turn-by-turn direction as well as automatic rerouting, users have to pay a yearly subscription fee to continue using these features. However, users can revert to a version without voice commands or automatic rerouting to continue to use the software for free. 

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