This iPhone cover will be a massive hit with iPod Classic fans – if it gets made

the perfect iphone cover for ipod classic fans

When the iPod Classic was discontinued last year, its passing left some fans of the device wiping the tears away, while others pressed Apple for its continued production.

Alas, it appears the once-popular and fondly remembered music player is gone for good, consigned to the technology trash pile for ever more….unless….unless this cool concept design for an iPhone cover one day becomes a reality.

The work of Italian designer Claudio Gomboli, the smart accessory cleverly transforms your iPhone into an iPod Classic with the closing of the cover.

In other words, ‘iPod mode’ offers up all the features of Apple’s old media player, allowing you to scroll through your content with the incorporated click wheel, navigating your way through using the Classic interface, which magically appears when the cover clicks shut.

iphone cover - ipod classic

Gomboli’s design also lets users make use of various iOS features, including, for example, the Notification Center so you can still get hold of important information without having to open the cover.

If Apple doesn’t step in and invest some time and money in checking out the viability of Gomboli’s innovative design, perhaps the Berlin-based designer can hook up with a tech whizz for a Kickstarter campaign that’d surely hit its funding target quicker than Tim Cook can say, “Hey, call that Gomboli guy now.”

[Via Gizmodo]