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These are the five apps you should download this weekend

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends
App stores are crowded places these days, and because storage space on your phone is often at a premium, you’ll want to find and fill it with not only the best, but also the most helpful apps out there. Because they come and go quicker than the latest fashion trends, and digging through Google Play, the iTunes App Store, or any of the others is such a mission; a little nudge in the right direction is often very welcome. Here are the apps we think you need to check out this week.

Knock Knock

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With the wealth of apps and tools dedicated to connecting us with others, meeting new people has never been easier. We’re still precious about our personal information though, and it’s wise to not immediately add people to Facebook, or hand out your phone number to others without giving it a little time first. For the middle ground between chatting up potential friends without surrendering account names to strangers, try Knock Knock.

Created by the app developers behind Humin, a contacts manager app, KnockKnock is the solution to the above problem. Knock twice on your device and you’ll see other people in your area who have also knocked because they’re looking to connect. Deal out your information as you wish as you get to know new people in your vicinity by chatting them up in the app. You never know who might answer when you knock.

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InGame Fantasy by Fanamana

Fantasy sports get bigger and more in-depth every year. The game has evolved from simply picking a team for the season to choosing new players every day. InGame Fantasy by Fanamana takes it one step further by allowing you to pick match ups and results as the game is happening. Built for baseball, a virtual game plays out in the app based on the actions of the real life players on your team. Your batter hits a single, you get a single in the game. It’s like being the manager of your own squad in real time.

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Walk Me Up


Waking up sucks. Perhaps you’ve even tried the trick of placing your alarm across the room in the hope of forcing yourself to get up, but you just end up walking straight back to your bed. Walk Me Up Alarm doesn’t give you that option. To turn it off, you’ll have to complete a set number of steps, and until the phone’s built-in pedometer acknowledges you’ve traveled the predetermined distance required, it’ll keep on ringing. If that doesn’t do the trick, then you may need to accept you’re just not a morning person.

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There will never be a shortage of new video content being uploaded to the web, but going out and finding the good stuff can mean a lot of more work. Content is best when it’s brought to you, while having some control over what you see. Constent achieves that by Tinder-fying the video watching experience. Take the 15-second videos of Instagram, add in the “swipe left” to dismiss feature of Tinder, and add a Twitter-esque feed constantly feeding you new things to watch, and you have Constent.


Giphy Cam


Giphy has positioned itself as the go-to service for finding the perfect reaction GIF for any situation. Now, with the release of Giphy Cam, it’s also in the business of helping users make their own. Record a short clip on your phone’s camera and Giphy will loop it endlessly like your standard GIF. Then spruce it up with some filters, text, and special effects to make it shine before you share it with your friends.


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