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Credit-card-thin Tile Slim helps you keep track of your wallet or purse

tile slim bluetooth tracker
Simon Hill / Digital Trends
We’ve covered the Tile before, but if you’re not familiar with this unassuming little device, it’s a Bluetooth tracker that you attach to your keys. Open up the app on your iPhone or Android phone and you can have the Tile ring, so you can find which couch cushion it’s under. It also works in reverse, so you can press a button on the Tile and have it ring your phone.

The Tile Slim is a new version that’s not much thicker than a credit card and it’s designed to slot unobtrusively into your wallet or purse. Just like the original model, it hooks up to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can make it ring or see its last known location on a map if it’s beyond Bluetooth range. It can hit 82 decibels, so you should be able to hear it wherever it is. The Tile Slim also has a button in the middle that you can press to make your phone ring, even if it’s in silent mode.

You also have the option of fixing the Tile Slim onto your laptop, tablet, or another device and Tile offers custom adhesive for the job, though it does have to be purchased separately. The Tile Slim has a choice of four different ringtones and the tracking feature is able to draw on the entire community of Tile users. The company has sold more than 6 million devices to date, so coverage in some areas is likely to be quite good, boosting your chances of recovering your belongings.

Tile has also been licensing the technology to device manufacturers and so you’ll find it integrated in the EcoReco electric scooter, a forthcoming Nomad power bank, and the Zillion smart wallet. The more places Tile technology is used, the better your chances of tracking a lost item.

The battery in the Tile Slim should last you at least a year, after which you can take advantage of the ReTile program to get a new Tile for 50 percent less than the usual price in return for sending your old Tile back. It’s also water resistant, with an IP5 rating, and fairly durable.

You can buy a single Tile Slim for $30 or opt for a pack of four at $100. The custom adhesive is $5 for a three pack. The Tile Slim is available now from the Tile website.

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