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Tinder teams up with Bud Light, because of course

tinder on android
The next time you open up Tinder and start swiping, you’ll likely come across something you didn’t expect. (To clarify, we’re talking about a video ad.) Bud Light has teamed up with Tinder to promote the beer brand’s “Whatever, USA” contest.

“Bud Light is excited to see how they can bring the fun, social spirit of the app to the only place where unexpected fun is waiting behind every corner, Whatever, USA,” said vice president of Bud Light Alexander Lambrecht in the press release announcing the team-up. Tinder users aged 21 and up will have a chance to enter to win a trip to wherever “Whatever, USA” ends up being held.

This isn’t a first for Bud Light — last year’s “Whatever, USA” was the Colorado ski town of Crested Butte — but it is a first for Tinder. This is the first time a video ad will appear on the platform. The video will appear “after four to five swipes.” Users will be able to pause, resume, and replay the video at will once it makes its first appearance.

Tinder is increasingly seeking to monetize its platform. Last month saw the introduction of Tinder Plus, a premium version of the service that adds a rewind option and location swapping. “We’re thrilled to work with Bud Light as we introduce opportunities for brands to connect with our global community. The Bud Light campaign is a unique and fun experience for Tinder users that fits seamlessly into the platform,” says Tinder’s head of Global Brand Solutions, Alexis Ginas.

As this is new ground for Tinder, it and Bud Light will test videos of different lengths as the campaign proceeds. The first video runs exactly 30 seconds, and shows off some of last year’s shenanigans.

Want to see the ad without having to open up Tinder? Check it out below.


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