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Trademark filing hints Samsung could call its wearable tech range “Samsung Gear”

Samsung Ativ Book 5 review Samsung logoA trademark filing dug up by, could have revealed the name Samsung intends to use for its range of wearable technology products, and it’s Samsung Gear. As usual with trademark descriptions, it’s all-encompassing, and could relate to just about any electronic product you can think of, but the interesting part comes in an supplemental section after the extensive primary filing. It says the name covers clocks, watchbands, and wristwatches which, “Communicate data to smartphones.”

We already know Samsung is working on a smart watch of its own, having confirmed the news several months ago, but the Gear name suggests a range of wearable products, as it’s slang for clothing and accessories. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung end up using its Galaxy brand for its smart watch, seeing as this company may have something to say if it tries to call it the S Watch. Samsung Gear may be an umbrella brand name, allowing the firm to introduce several wearable products under it.

Samsung’s got some catching up to do, as Sony has just announced its new smart watch, the SmartWatch 2, and as recent research has shown, Sony is happily stealing customers from Samsung in Europe with its Xperia Z smartphone. Additionally, the Pebble smartwatch has left the confines of Kickstarter and its own website, and stretched out into the retail world, as it can now be purchased in Best Buy for $150.

Then there’s Apple, which has also been frantically filing trademark claims for the iWatch name, having done so in Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, Columbia, and various other countries over the past few days. The iWatch name seems a little predictable, but at least it’s descriptive. Despite all this activity surrounding smart watches, there are still very few available that you’d actually want to buy. Will Samsung be the next to unveil its attempt to win over the public in this burgeoning market?

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