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Uber continues its quest for world domination with expansion into Bangladesh

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Uber just took yet another step towards ubiquity. Earlier this week, the transportation titan announced its expansion into Bangladesh, adding to the ever-growing list of countries and cities in which Uber is available. “We are excited to announce that Uber is officially hitting the road in Dhaka, connecting riders with drivers in the Bangladeshi capital as it does in more than 450 cities around the world,” the company said in a blog post announcement. “Uber will make it easier to travel around Dhaka and open up flexible, economic opportunities for driver-partners.”

Though its initial launch in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, is rather limited, Uber will soon be diversifying its offerings. And given that Bangladesh boasts a population of 150 million people, 18 million of whom live in Dhaka, the country could prove to be a major opportunity for the ride-sharing company. Using the service in the country will be similar to how it’s used elsewhere, though riders are currently asked to pay in cash at the end of the ride (rather than linking a credit card, as passengers in other countries may be accustomed to).

But many of the other details of the Uber experience remain consistent. For example, the company noted, “You’ll receive important details about your ride, such as contact information of the driver and the license plate number of the car.” Passengers can also track the location of their driver and share trip details with friends and family members.”

Uber is also partnering with “Bangladesh’s leading telecom partner Grameenphone” in order to “elevate the experience for our riders and drivers.” Grameenphone is the country’s largest mobile carrier, and previously spearheaded the launch of a mobile health initiative in the country, further proving the importance of mobile carriers in emerging markets.

“We’re working hard to get many more driver-partners and cars on the road to get you a comfortable, reliable and safe ride at the push of a button on your smartphone app,” Uber concluded. So no matter where you are in the world, it looks like you’ll be able to hail a ride from your phone.

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