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Dead by Daylight is bringing The Ring to its horrifying world

The newest chapter of Dead by Daylight, the hit multiplayer survival horror game, is bringing a Japanese cult classic icon with it. The Dead by Daylight world is colliding with the story of Ringu, the cult classic that was famously adapted into The Ring, the hit horror mystery film.

Dead by Daylight went from being known for its fear-filled gameplay to gaining even more recognition for its horror collaborations. It’s featured various icons from the genre, including Pinhead from Hellraiser, Freddy Krueger, Nemesis of Resident Evil 3 fame, Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, Michael Myers, and more.

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Not only will Dead by Daylight be mixing in pieces from the film adaptation of Ringu, but the original novel as well. The trailer hasn’t shown exactly what all will be coming with the new chapter. though we can surmise the main antagonist of the Ring series, Sadako Yamamura, will appear as a new playable killer.

“This new chapter inspired by Kōji Suzuki’s novel and the original acclaimed film adaptation will open the door for endless thrills and countless gameplay possibilities,” the devs behind Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive, said in a press release, “as it merges the eerie and melancholic world of the psychological horror masterwork with the twisted fantasy of Dead by Daylight.”

The new chapter of Dead by Daylight featuring elements from the Ring franchise hasn’t been given a specific release date, but it is confirmed to appear on screens everywhere (just like Sadoko Yamamura herself) in March 2022.

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