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Uber riders, dare to peek at this new data on the ridesharing app?

If you’re an Uber rider, you can now drill down into the data that creates your overall rating on the ridesharing service, enabling you to see precisely how many 5-star scores drivers have given you. And how many 1-star scores, too.

The new feature, announced by Uber in a blog post on Wednesday, February 16, will hopefully provide reassurance that you’re a truly wonderful passenger, though it may give some riders pause for thought, too. And take note — Uber brought in a system in 2019 that can lead to poorly rated passengers being banned from the ridesharing service.

Uber rider ratings.

If you’re feeling brave and fancy checking out the breakdown of ratings given to you by Uber drivers during your last 500 rides (from which your overall rating is calculated), then simply open the ridesharing app, head to the Settings menu, tap Privacy, and then tap Privacy Center.

Next, swipe to the right and click on the “Would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber?” tile.

Finally, scroll down to the “Browse your data” section, take a deep breath, and tap on “View my ratings” to see the breakdown.

Hopefully you won’t get any nasty surprises. But if you do, Uber offers a number of tips to help you improve your score. They include things like ensuring you’re ready for a pick-up, taking any trash with you, and not slamming the door when you exit the car. Yes, kind of obvious stuff, but clearly for some riders, this is too much to ask. Check out all of Uber’s tips below:

  1. Pack it in, pack it out: Drivers shouldn’t have to clean up after you. Always make sure to take your trash and any other belongings with you. Don’t leave a mess behind.
  2. Buckle Up: Studies show that unbuckled passengers in the back seat can put the driver at greater risk of injury in a crash. So always remember to buckle up for your and the driver’s safety.
  3. Be ready: Remember that drivers’ time is valuable and they shouldn’t have to wait for you. A smooth pickup is better for everyone so be ready to go when the driver arrives.
  4. Treat everyone and everything with respect: As outlined in our Community Guidelines, we want riders and drivers to feel safe, respectful, and positive. Always treat your driver and their vehicle as you would want to be treated.
  5. Don’t slam the door! It is easy to accidentally slam a door if you aren’t thinking about it, and drivers have consistently cited door slams as a reason why they deduct stars.

Uber has also shared data revealing that New York City has the worst Uber riders in the U.S., according to driver ratings, with Seattle and Washington, D.C. taking the second and third spots, respectively. Of the top 10, Chicago has the least annoying riders.

Commenting on the new feature, Zach Singleton, Uber’s head of privacy and equity products, said: “We hope that by giving users a peek into how their rating is calculated, we can help encourage positive experiences between riders and drivers on every trip.”

Uber’s rating system is a two-way street, with riders able to give scores to drivers, too. So, yes, it’s clearly in everyone’s interest to play nice. Now go take a look at your rating.

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