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Ultra Mobile rolls out new plans that offer more data than ever before

Forget about what you think you know about prepaid phone plans. Ultra Mobile wants to give you a whole new look at what it means to pay before you talk, text, and otherwise use your smartphone. On Monday, the mobile carrier announced the launch of two new high data plans, which give users 10GB or 20GB of data every month for the relatively low price of $45 and $54, respectively. This marks the largest amount of data ever offered to Ultra Mobile customers.

The company, which is focused on folks with international needs, said that these higher data plans were created to appease customers who, now more than ever, are demanding high-speed data. Citing a recent Ericcson’s Mobility Report, Ultra Mobile noted that the average data consumption for 2016 was 5GB, but many other service providers “put international calling at a premium over large data allotments.” Ultra Mobile, however, has the international component built into its plans, allowing customers to pay less for what could amount to more.

“Our customers and retail partners continue to request larger data offerings and we’ve listened by rounding out our portfolio with these new data plans,” said Tyler Leshney, president of Ultra Mobile. “At Ultra Mobile, we are always looking for the next best way to service our rapidly growing customer base and with these new data plans, we truly see an opportunity to satisfy the needs of a growing customer base while also offering our current subscribers additional upgrade options. As our international customer base grows we will continue to innovative and provide valuable service to our users.”

Ultra is also working to expand its unlimited calling list to more than 60 countries around the world. Some existing plans, like the New $19, already allow for unlimited talk and text across the U.S., along with 100 MB 4G LTE data and calling to over 60 countries for $19 a month. So if you have friends and family aplenty abroad, you may want to take a closer look at Ultra and its latest offerings.

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