US Cellular: No hidden requirements

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It shouldn’t be hard to find a fair wireless plan. With the internet making it possible to find and compare just about any product imaginable, it should be easy to pick the right plan for your life without fear of surprises down the road. That’s why it’s difficult to ignore U.S. Cellular offering customers something more: a fair and flexible deal.

Most of the time switching wireless plans means coming up with math equations on the spot to decide whether the fees are worth it. Those thinking of switching to U.S. Cellular can relax knowing there are no hidden plan requirements, no mandatory phone trade-ins, and no activation fees. And with $500 off our latest phones, now is the time to make the switch and upgrade to a brand-new device.

Often, saving big comes with the price of losing flexibility. It is rarely a surprise when the best offer from a wireless provider also requires you to sign up for the most expensive plan, undercutting the deal that drew you to them in the first place. U.S. Cellular’s latest offer has no hidden plan requirements. Customers can pick any postpaid plan, so no need to worry about a splashy offer that has hidden requirements.

Too often switching carriers can be one of those grueling experiences that make you question if modern life is really worth the stress. With no hidden tricks, U.S. Cellular is giving customers a fair deal. So, make the switch today to U.S. Cellular’s, award-winning network with no hidden requirements.

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