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Everything announced at Nothing’s ‘The Truth’ event today

Nothing, a tech startup founded by one of the original founders of OnePlus, held an event on Wednesday, March 23 where it unveil its future road map for its products. So far, the company has launched a pair of wireless earbuds that impressed, and now it plans to add an Android phone to that repertoire.

How to rewatch the Nothing’s ‘The Truth’ event today


It’s 2022, so if you had guessed the event would be livestreamed, you can take a free cookie from your local cookie jar. It was streamed at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT on March 23, but it’s now available to rewatch.

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Everything announced at Nothing’s ‘The Truth’ event

The company had billed this as a platform where it plans to showcase what it wants to launch or the areas it wants to go — and that’s exactly what it did.

It announced its Nothing Phone 1, Nothing OS, and Nothing launcher — though the latter two can be viewed as more of a package deal with the former.

Nothing OS home screen early look.

The Nothing Phone is an Android phone from the company, packaged with a light and clean version of Android that packs three years of Android updates and four years of security updates just like Pixels do. While it’s planned to launch in the summer, Nothing will let Android phone owners download the Nothing OS launcher for a taste of the experience prior to the launch.

The interest in Nothing comes from its origins as a spiritual successor of two Android brands, one by way of CEO Carl Pei, the other by acquisition. It evokes the original never-settle ethos of OnePlus prior to its Oppofication, and the bright-eyed innovation of Andy Rubin’s Essential. Carl Pei today continued to push that image, even setting Nothing up — optimistically — as an Apple rival.  Of course, both OnePlus and Essential failed to significantly dent the market. Whether Nothing manages to write a different ending to that story will, of course, depend on how the rest of its year goes.

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5 weird phones I wish were as popular as the Nothing Phone
The back of the Nothing Phone 1, showing its transparent back and LEDs.

More than almost any other smartphone right now, the Nothing Phone 1 has done an incredible job of making the tech world go head over heels for it. On the one hand, it's easy to see why. For months, Nothing has been pitching its smartphone as something different in the industry. This is partly thanks to a transparent back, which reveals many of the Phone 1's internal components that would otherwise be hidden. The Nothing Phone 1 also features over 900 LEDs across its backside that can be used to display incoming calls, charging status, and more. It's different, unique, and doesn't look like an iPhone or Galaxy S copycat.

But the Nothing Phone 1 is far from the first weird smartphone we've ever seen. Weird phones have existed for years, with many of them coming and going over the last decade. The only difference is that they didn't receive the same level of attention as the Nothing Phone 1 — despite being objectively more interesting. Here are five fairly recent examples of weird smartphones that deserved to be every bit as popular as the Nothing Phone 1 is today.

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The Nothing Phone 1 won’t be coming to the U.S. after all
Official glimpse of Nothing Phone 1 with a parrot sitting on top of phone.

The Nothing Phone 1, the latest offering from former OnePlus chief Carl Pei, won't be coming to the United States this summer. Nothing confirmed the news to PCMag on June 22, shutting down any hope for a U.S. launch. Instead, the Nothing Phone 1 will be launching exclusively in Europe and Asia only, where the company's carrier partnerships are strongest. Nothing does plan to launch a phone in the U.S. at some point in the future, just not the Phone 1.

In a statement to PCMag, Nothing said the following:
While we’d love to bring phone (1) to the entire community around the world, we're focusing on home markets, including the UK and Europe, where we have strong partnerships with leading local carriers. It takes a lot to launch a smartphone as you know, from ensuring the handset is supported by the country’s cellular technologies to carrier partnerships and local regulation, and as we're still a young brand we need to be strategic about it.
We have big plans to launch a U.S. supported smartphone in the future. For now, a limited number of our private community investors in the U.S. will be able to get their hands on phone (1) through a closed beta program. In the meantime, if readers really want phone (1) to be available in the US as soon as possible, they should call their carrier to let them know about us.

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The Nothing Phone 1’s LEDs do a lot more than you’d expect
Nothing Phone 1 MKBHD

The Nothing Phone 1 is prepping for a July debut, but tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) has already gotten his hands on the device and given us a glimpse of its marquee trait — the signature LED light pattern at the back. Nothing is said to have fitted over 900 individual LED lights below the transparent glass panel.

As many had expected, Nothing is using that LED real estate for more than just blinking for notifications. In fact, there's a healthy dose of customizability that you can tinker with, thanks to a dedicated dashboard for the whole setup.

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