Windows Phone ‘coming soon’ to Sprint – it’s about damn time

sprintSprint will finally join the Windows Phone market, according to its W8 product support page. “Windows Phone 8 is coming soon!” the message simply says. While the other three major carriers have offered WP8, Sprint remained the last holdout. Last month, the network revealed it was working with Microsoft to bring the smartphones to market, but no release dates were offered.

Windows Phone continues to make impressive if slow headway. Each success seems to be followed by a loss — most recently, Google announced many of its products wouldn’t be heading to Windows 8. Despite the operating systems polarity, it remains an intriguing product that platforms largely aren’t able to deny. And even without a Microsoft presence at CES this year, Windows 8 optimized devices and technology are fairly-well represented here.

While we’re still in the dark regarding hard details about the Sprint release, it’s fair to assume that Mobile World Congress, next month in Barcelona, will be host to a Sprint Windows 8 launch. What devices and when it (or they) will be available remain in question.