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Zagg’s Shockguard case takes the shock out of dropping your iPhone 6/6s

While Zagg’s Shockguard case may look a lot like other shell-style phone cases, one big advantage it has in guarding your phone against damage from accidental drops is its dual-layered design. The outer shell of the case is a plain, clear polycarbonate plastic with rounded corners and low profile, but inside is a web-like rubber layer dubbed Impact Reflexion Technology. This webbing absorbs and diffuses impacts when your phone is bumped or dropped to protect your phone from shocks. The open-cell triangle pattern also allows some of the iPhone’s original design to show through and highlights the Apple logo on the back of the phone. The angular cutout for the camera and flash, while a bit larger than necessary, lets you to take photos and video without interference from the case.

The case fits the iPhone 6 like a glove, and the iPhone slides in easily with a snug fit thanks to the flexible rubber bumper along the bottom of the case. The volume and sleep buttons are fully covered with silver plastic buttons which are responsive to light presses, although these buttons are a bit loose in the housing. Cutouts along the bottom edge expose the ports, mic, and speakers. However, the Lightning and headphone ports are recessed deeper than most slim cases, so not all third-party accessories will be compatible with this case.

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A raised bezel around the screen enables lay-down scratch prevention when your phone is placed face down, but there’s no additional protection for the front of the phone. Not to worry though, the Shockguard is compatible with most tempered glass screen protectors which will help round out the case’s full-body scratch and impact resistance with screen protection.

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A handful of drops from pocket height convinced us that the dual-layered design does work for ensuring your phone survives the occasional fall to the ground, however, one thing that we found is that the clear plastic scratches and scuffs easily. Within a few days of bumping around in pockets and bags, and sliding on tables, the back of the case developed the tell-tale cloudy haze of an often watched DVD. In that regard, it’s preferable that the scratches end up on the case and not on your phone. While not the most beautiful case, at $30 on Zagg’s website, the Shockguard provides a bit more rugged protection than most, and it stands up fairly well to the rigors of daily use.

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