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10 most likable characters from Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a sitcom filled with many quirky characters, ranging from flashy celebutantes to oddball mayors. While much of the cast, specifically the Rose family, didn’t start out as the most likable characters, audiences saw many of them grow into much more compassionate and relatable people as the series progressed.

Many of Schitt’s Creek inhabitants may still have qualities that make them hard to hang out with at first, but audiences couldn’t help but love these characters as they learn to live together in their quiet, little town.

10. Moira Rose

Schitt's Creek Catherine O'Hara
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This egotistical and dramatic thespian treats every moment of her life like a scene straight out of her soap opera. Moira goes out of her way to be the center of attention wherever she goes with her outlandish outfits, theatrical antics, and variegated lexicon.

She also tends to mope around and hide in her closet whenever she faces misfortune in her new life, especially after her film The Crows Have Eyes 3 was shelved. Even so, as the series went on, there were moments when she showed greater care toward her husband, her kids, and her friends, making her Schitt’s Creek’s No. 1 diva.

9. Ronnie Lee

Ronnie in "Schitt's Creek."
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Ronnie is a no-nonsense woman who frequently snarks at the Roses for their ridiculous and self-centered antics, and audiences can’t help but laugh at her blunt one-liners. Some people might be put off by her aloofness and her rivalry with Patrick, but there have been times when she displayed a soft spot toward her peers.

She helped Bob get back into dating after his divorce, and she even cried when Moira said goodbye to the town, showing that she does consider her a friend. All in all, Ronnie’s the kind of woman one would like to have when they’re at work, or they need someone to tell it how it is.

8. David Rose

Schitt's Creek on Netflix
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For better or worse, David Rose is one of the most notable characters in Schitt’s Creek. He is overly anxious and highly critical about almost everything, disregarding how his words could hurt others. While he comes across as mean and inconsiderate, his behavior sprouts from his lonely and fearful childhood and has shown there is a lot of good beneath the surface.

He learns to open up to others, eventually becoming close to his best friend, Stevie, and his true love, Patrick. And with their help, he opens Rose Apothecary and picks up the pieces of his shattered life.

7. Alexis Rose

Schitt's Creek Annie Murphy
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Alexis came into the series as a stereotypically selfish and spoiled rich girl. She always went off on ludicrous but dangerous adventures around the world, which left her family worried about her. She tried to abandon her family in Schitt’s Creek the minute they arrived, and she neglected her boyfriend, Ted, and left him for Mutt.

But later in the series, Alexis started to reinvent herself by finishing high school, attending college, and starting her own PR business. She also grew closer to her family and rediscovered her love for Ted, seeing the error of her ways and becoming a much more well-rounded person.

6. Stevie Budd

Stevie smiling at David in "Schitt's Creek."
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This motel clerk relates to the Roses in that she hates living in her town as much as they do. Though rude and cynical, she and David become unlikely friends in the show and start spending their days goofing off together. But when she becomes overwhelmed with taking ownership of the motel, she is forced to step up and take more initiative in her life.

Combined with her stellar Cabaret performance in season 5, she overcomes her fears and develops more confidence in herself, transforming into a successful and more optimistic human being.

5. Johnny Rose

Eugene Levy Schitt's Creek
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Throughout the show, Johnny Rose serves as the leading voice of reason that tries to keep his family together. However, like his wife and kids, he has had his share of moral foibles, most notably neglecting to raise David and Alexis in favor of running his business, Rose Video.

At first, he takes pride in his successful past as a CEO, and he acts like he’s better than Schitt’s Creek. But as the show progressed, he became much more humble and welcoming of his new home, eventually becoming the co-owner of the town motel alongside Stevie.

4. Jocelyn Schitt

Twyla smiling at Johnny in "Schitt's Creek."
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Though she is married to Roland Schitt, First Lady Jocelyn is one of the most grounded citizens of Schitt’s Creek. She offered a friendly hand to Moira when she moved into town and even welcomed her into her group of gal pals, the Jazzagals.

But after Jocelyn had her second child, her stress boiled to the surface, and she started to release her anger over her hectic life, but she did it in the most polite way possible. One has to respect her for being able to put up with so much Schitt’s Creek for so long, but she also deserves respect for standing up for herself and being her own person.

3. Ted Mullens

Ted smiling at Alexis in "Schitt's Creek."
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Ted briefly dated Alexis in Season 1, and while she wasn’t interested in him at first, he stuck around even after they broke up. Though he was insecure and suspicious about Alexis and Mutt’s relationship in season 1, his separation from her forced him to make a change, coming back to Schitt’s Creek much more confident and mature.

Even so, he’s still the same kindhearted vet who treats people and animals right and makes corny dad puns. And even after Alexis broke his heart, he continued to support her during their time together, proving that he was the right man for Alexis.

2. Patrick Brewer

Patrick smiling at David in "Schitt's Creek."
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This sarcastic businessman charmed his way into everyone’s hearts the moment he entered David’s life. He fit right in with the Rose family, despite being the straight man in their strange world. But that isn’t to say he doesn’t have his flaws. He neglected to tell David about his prior engagement to his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, and that his parents didn’t know he was gay.

But this only made him more relatable to both David and the audience, and neither of them gave up on him. He provided the hope and down-to-earth thinking David desperately needed, and he became the perfect partner for him in both work and life.

1. Twyla Sands

Twyla smiling at Johnny in "Schitt's Creek."
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Whether she’s simply kindhearted or blissfully ignorant, Twyla has long been the ray of sunshine that brightened Schitt’s Creek whenever she appeared. Twyla is often seen working at the Café Tropical or singing with the Jazzagals, and she’s always there to help the Roses or just listen whenever they have troubles.

However, she often recounts multiple instances of her horrifying upbringing to those around her. But despite her depressing life stories, Twyla maintains a positive attitude throughout the series, making her the most lovable character in the entire show.

Stream all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Hulu.

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