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A surprise party goes horribly wrong in Take the Night

What do you get for the man who has everything? Especially if the man in question happens to be a brother that you don’t always care for. In Saban Films’ new thriller, Take the Night, William Chang (Roy Huang) decides to throw a surprise party for his brother, Robert Chang (Sam Song Li). However, William wants Robert to suffer a little, so he hires a crew to “kidnap” his brother and deliver him to the site of the party. But in the first trailer for the film, William’s plans take a dark turn when the crew he hired has plans of their own.

Seth McTigue wrote and directed Take the Night, in addition to co-starring as Chad, one of the criminals hired by William. The problem with hiring crooks is that they tend to rob you blind. Chad and his buddies realize that kidnapping Robert for real may line up a fortune for them in cryptocurrency. Once William and Robert discover the full scope of the threat against them, they must put their sibling rivalry aside if they want to save their fortune and each other.

Take The Night Official Trailer (2022)

Here’s the synopsis from Saban Films:

“An inventive, edgy crime thriller, Take the Night is a twisted tale of sibling rivalry and family secrets. An elaborate surprise birthday stunt heads into increasingly dark places when career criminals hired to stage a fake kidnapping go rogue. Older brother William secures a crew to stage a fake kidnapping of his brother Robert. But the crew has plans of their own. The brothers must put aside their sibling rivalry if they want to save the family fortune.”

The cast of Take the Night.

Brennan Keel Cook also stars in the film as Todd, with Shomari Love as Shannon, Antonio Aaron as Justin, Grace Serrano as Melissa,
Ashwin Gore as Rekesh, Bobby Nish as Isaac Chang, Kelvin Han Yee as Mr. Chang, Leah Zhang as Mrs. Chang, Pierce Kang as Young William Chang, Kai To as Young Robert Chang, Valéry Lessard as Sandy, and Bryan Fitzgerald as Bruce. Thomas Bell, Kenneth Beck, and Marlon Aquino also have supporting parts in the film.

Take the Night will be released theatrically and on digital formats on Tuesday, July 12.

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