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Kathryn Hahn’s witch is back in Marvel’s Agatha All Along teaser trailer

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Kathryn Hahn is back as the witch Agatha Harkness in the teaser trailer for Marvel Television’s Agatha All Along, the upcoming Disney+ spinoff series to WandaVision.

After the events of WandaVision, a disheartened Agatha is without any powers until a goth teen unleashes her from a distorted spell. Now, Agatha and the teen embark on a journey down the Witches’ Road, a magical gauntlet of trials that, if completed, “rewards a witch with what they’re missing.” In need of help, Agatha brings together an eclectic group to form her coven as she sets out to rediscover her powers.

“She took every bit of power I had,” Agatha menacingly says in the trailer. “But I can be that witch again.”

Joining Hahn in Agatha All Along are Joe Locke, Sasheer Zamata, Ali Ahn, Maria Dizzia, Paul Adelstein, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Okwui Okpokwasili, Debra Jo Rupp, Patti LuPone, and Aubrey Plaza.

Marvel Television’s Agatha All Along | Teaser Trailer | Disney+

Agatha All Along is created by Jac Schaeffer, who also developed WandaVision. Schaeffer described the “covenless” witches and explained their connection to Agatha.

“What they have in common is that they’re covenless witches,” Schaeffer told Empire. “Witches are defined by deception, treachery, villainy, and selfishness. What do you do when you have a group of witches who [demonstrate] those notions and you need them to work together?”

Schaeffer, Rachel Goldberg, and Gandja Montiero serve as directors of the series. Executive producers include Schaeffer, Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Brad Winderbaum, and Mary Livanos.

The first two episodes of Agatha All Along stream to Disney+ on September 18, 2024. The subsequent seven episodes will be released weekly until November 6.

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