Amazing Spider-Man 2 release date: May 2, 2014

Amazing spider-manIt is getting hard to keep track of all the comic book movies coming out these days. Late last week, there is word of another movie in the works. What makes this announcement a little strange is the timing of it. Sony Pictures just officially spilled the beans about the release date of the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. The movie will be hitting theaters on May 2, 2014. Yes, you read that right, 2014.

new images from the amazing spider man arrive online 01It seems like just yesterday that we were being teased about new pictures from the still unreleased Amazing Spider-Man. The first movie of the re-launched series isn’t scheduled for release until July 3 2012, so we have almost a year to see just how good the new version of the film will be.

Take a look at the teaser video for the 2012 movie and see what you think. Watching the trailer it seems as though the movie will be taking advantage of 3D imagery for better or worse. It also seems as though it might be flirting with being a little cheesy with the 3D effects, so we are hoping that it isn’t quite as over the top in the movie.

It seems almost pointless to officially announce a release date so far in advance. Are so many people really counting down the days until the release of the first film that Sony had to announce the second one to ease fans’ nerves? Sony might have a Green Lantern situation on their hands if they start planning the second movie so early.  With the original Green Lantern movie doing so poorly, it’s odd to see them planning a second film.

Either way, mark your calendars, if that’s even possible, for 2014, and get ready to start lining up outside your nearest multiplex. Make sure to check back here soon as we are sure the official release date for the third movie in 2016 will be coming any day now.