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Bye bye boomstick — ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ has been canceled by Starz

evil dead

It’s a sad day for Screwheads everywhere, as Starz has announced that it’s canceling Ash vs. Evil Dead after three seasons. The last episode of the third season, airing on April 29, will be the series finale, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Ash vs. Evil Dead has been the ride of a lifetime,” star Bruce Campbell said in a statement. “Ash Williams was the role of a lifetime. It was an honor to reunite with Evil Dead partners Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi to give our tireless fans another taste of the outrageous horror/comedy they demanded. I will always be grateful to Starz for the opportunity to revisit the franchise that launched our careers.”

Hey you crazy ash-holes. #AshvsEvilDead ends this season, but you'll always be Screwheads to us. #GhostbeaterForLife

— Ash vs Evil Dead (@AshvsEvilDead) April 20, 2018

The series launched on Halloween Night in 2015 to 437,000 viewers and was also streamed free on Facebook. It found a strong cult following, but the ratings have declined the last two seasons, with the April 15 episode only drawing 175,000 viewers.

Campbell was an executive producer of the series, along with Raimi and Tapert from the original movies. The show also starred Xena veterans Lucy Lawless and Ted Raimi, as well as Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago.

Campbell reprised his 1981 role as Ash Williams, sporting a chainsaw in place of a hand, in an ongoing gore-filled battle against the undead. In the third season, he discovered he has a long-lost daughter, and in the series finale he unites with the other members of the Ghostbeaters for a final confrontation against a demon infestation in Michigan.

This may not be the last time we see Ash Williams onscreen, as Campbell revealed to Entertainment Weekly at the third season premiere. “We’re going to see what the TV gods have in store for us. We’re ready either way,” he said. “If they take us off the air, we can think about another movie. And if they don’t, we can just keep plugging away.”

Survivor’s Remorse is another series recently canceled by Starz. The network’s current roster of scripted shows includes Power, American Gods, and the critically acclaimed Counterpart. Two new series are in the works, with Sweetbitter and Vida premiering in May.

Ash vs. Evil Dead has taken audiences on a wild ride for three seasons thanks to the fantastic performances and creative efforts of Sam, Bruce, Rob, and the entire cast and crew,” said Carmi Zlotnik, president of programming at Starz. “We are proud to send the show out with a bang … and a splat.”

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