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Nashville to get fully immersive, indoor replica of a 1960s drive-in cinema

august moon drive in rendering
Here’s some nostalgia with a dose of modernism for you — a drive-in movie theater in which you (pretend to) drive … indoors. Meet the August Moon Drive-In, a new moviegoing experience that wants to recreate the past while embracing the future. Set to open next year in Nashville, the behemoth of a structure will cost more than $10 million and will encompass an impressive 40,000 square feet. And while a roof will protect you from the elements, you can still pretend to be one with nature thanks to the air-supported dome that sports a simulated starry sky.

You’ll drive to the August Moon, certainly, but you’ll leave your real car outside and hop in a classic iteration once you’re within the walls of the August Moon. Classic cars will be modified to serve as seating, and before you get too comfortable, you can grab some food (and drink) service. In another nod to times past, the food served here will focus on staples like burgers and milkshakes, so if you’re looking for molecular gastronomy, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

The real attraction, however, will be the giant movie screen, which is expected to be the largest non-IMAX screen in all of North America. Director and entertainment guru Michael Counts is behind the ambitious project, and though he’s based in New York, he says Nashville is the perfect place for the theater.

“We think that Nashville is a great location for it and the concept really fits what Nashville represents,” he told The Tenneseean, noting that WalletHub once branded Nashville the most “American” of U.S. metro areas.

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