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Baking Bad and House of Kards: Your favorite Netflix shows are ruined forever

baking bad netflix shows ruined
We all hate it when executives mess with our favorite Netflix shows. New characters and story lines designed to lure more viewers make hardcore fans go from binge to cringe. But what if the changes were hilarious? What if Walter White focused his efforts on baking rather than cooking? And what if the whole darn thing was just a joke?

Even the most die-hard devotees can appreciate a little fun poked at their beloved TV characters. And when it’s clear that the authors of the parodies are true fans themselves, the results can be spectacular.

U.K.-based electronics retailer Superfi has corrupted the most popular Netflix shows and then reviewed them. “Rather than helping you find the most amazing show in the world, we thought it would be good to tell you the TV shows to avoid,” they wrote on the company blog.

In addition to the fiendish twist on the titles, Superfi has provided alternate images and descriptions, and even phony awards. We grabbed three of our favorite recreations for you to check out below.

Baking Bad

Walter White trades in his pork pie hat and gun for a toque and rolling pin. The ailing chemist sells baked goods to earn the bread to pay for his cancer treatments. We wonder, though: If Gustavo “Gus” Fring originally ran a fast food chain as a front for his drug empire, how would he cover up his illicit cookie business?

House of Kards


Frank Underwood is a sleazy and corrupt politician who would kill to get to the top, but can he hold a candle to the Kardashian clan? Kim and company’s crimes may be limited to murdering our hopes for humanity’s future, but few do it better. We’re predicting that Kanye would make a great First Lady.

Arrested Developers


Michael Bluth gives up on the family’s shady real estate business to go into the shadier business of coding. Rumor has it he’ll turn to Edward Snowden for advice on George Sr.’s treason trial.

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