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The Batman’s deleted scene reveals Barry Keoghan’s Joker

Though Matt Reeves’ The Batman ended with the city of Gotham forever changed, a small scene toward its conclusion hinted at the next foe Robert Pattinson’s Batman will face. The Joker, an iconic villain throughout the Dark Knight’s history, made an all too brief appearance near the film’s end, when he chatted it up with Riddler before saying the two could be friends. However, a newl released deleted scene from the movie shows the Clown Prince of Crime, played by Barry Keoghan, conversing with the Bat behind bars in Arkham Asylum.

The Batman | Deleted Arkham Scene

In the five-minute-long clip, Pattinson’s gloomy Batman questions Joker about the ongoing Riddler murders, asking if he has any opinion of the crime. Joker says that it’s nearly their one-year anniversary, implying that the nemeses have known each other for some time. Naturally, nothing good comes from Batman meeting with Joker, who simply toys with the caped crusader before sending him off with a strange smile. However, everything that Joker gleans from Riddler’s case file, from his long history with his victims to who he is, is essentially correct.

A close-up shot of Barry Keoghan's Joker in The Batman.
Warner Bros. Pictures

While it seems that Keoghan’s Joker is on-point in terms of mannerisms, the character’s looks are a departure from classic depictions. Save for his trademark green hair, everything else about the Joker has been changed to match Reeves’ universe. His entire appearance is grungier, with his head haphazardly shaved and covered in scars, while his face is puffed up by various marks. Instead of red lips and cut cheeks, Keoghan’s Joker has seemingly chewed his lips off, revealing a haunting set of chompers.

A sequel for The Batman hasn’t been announced ye,t but it’s a safe bet that the Bat will have to face off with this new, deteriorated Joker if one is revealed. Reeves’ Batverse will be expanding regardless, with a show based on Colin Farrell’s Penguin in the works for HBO Max.

You can still check out The Batman in movie theaters nationwide.

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