Behold the true face of the Red Skull!

When Captain America (Chris Evans) is putting good ol’ American fist to Ratzi jaw, the primary jaw in question will belong to his World War II enemy, the Red Skull, played by Hugo Weaving. We’ve seen Evans as Cap, and we have seen images of Hugo Weaving as Hugo Weaving in a Nazi(ish) uniform, but above is the first image of what the Red Skull will look like in all his glory.

Entertainment Weekly has continued to have the pole position when it comes to Captain America scoops, and this reveal is no different. In the image, the Red skull can be seen wearing a Nazi-like uniform, but the logo on his buckle is that of Hydra, a group that has a long history of getting beat up by Cap in the comics.

A rumored trailer is said to be coming soon to build on what we saw during the Super Bowl, but for now, enjoy the first look of the true Red Skull, and then go back to waiting patiently until July 22, when Captain America: The First Avenger is released in 3D.