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Thanks for oversharing, famous people! The Oscars, as retold by celebs’ social media accounts

oscar night instagramsNo party is ever complete without proper online documentation, and a quick scan of your favorite celebrities’ social accounts will be enough proof you need to know that this year’s Oscars were indeed a fabulous event – because, at the end of the day, we’re all the same. Celebrities, just like you and me, spend too much time Facebooking, Instagramming, and tweeting the things we want attention for. Luckily, this means the stars’ kept busy Sunday night giving us a peek into the glamorous event.

Here are our winning celeb photos from the night, all thanks to the power of social photo-sharing. 

1. Best In Bow Tie Awards: Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

They both showed spectacular prowess singing and dancing onstage (along with host Seth MacFarlane, who is not in this photo) as part of this year’s Oscar’s homage to music in film.  This photo proves that celebrities like taking silly pictures, too. [Image via Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Facebook.]



2. Best in Surprising Results Award: That tie between Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall for Achievement in Sound Editing

“No BS, it’s a tie,” was what presenter Mark Wahlberg answered to the collective “WTF?!” everybody was thinking when he announced the winners for the Sound Editing category.  To prove that it is indeed, no BS, the Academy released this snapshot of the results.  (And to answer the question already forming in your heads, this was not the first time a tie happened at the Oscars.) [Image via theacademy on Instagram.]



3. Craziest Hairstyle Award: ‘The Wizard Hair’ by Claudio Miranda, Per Hallberg, and Paul N.J. Ottoson

When Claudio Miranda accepted his Oscar for cinematography for Life of Pi, we were like – whoa, that’s a lot of hair.  We didn’t think it would actually be a trend for a few more winners!  Two more winners, Per Hallberg (for Skyfall) and Paul N.J. Ottoson (for Zero Dark Thirty), were sporting the same Gandalf-like locks when they accepted their awards for their achievements in sound editing. 


4. Best After-Win Reaction Award: Jennifer Lawrence flipping the bird

We already love her for being so down-to-earth and real despite being one of Hollywood’s current faves in the industry, so her reaction at the Oscar press room, whether it was a joke or a clear message at some photographer or reporter, was just plain awesome. 

5. Best in Post-Oscar Snack Award: Ang Lee

With his Oscar statue for Best Director in one hand and an In-N-Out burger in the other, the Life of Pi director heads over to the Vanity Fair Oscars party. [image via emenicheschi on Instagram]


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