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Season 4 of ‘Broad City’ will feature mushroom trips, NYC winters

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Comedy Central
After leaving viewers for more than a year without guidance on the best ways to navigate New York City as a millennial, the women of Comedy Central’s Broad City are finally returning to lead the way. Comedy Central recently announced the summer release dates for its upcoming slate of shows, with Broad City‘s fourth season set to premiere on August 23.

The new season of Abbi and Ilana’s misanthropic adventures will extend for ten episodes, which should run until late October, if it follows the weekly schedule of the series’ previous seasons. The 16-month hiatus in between season three and season four is the longest in the series’ history. That was partly due to the pair spreading their acting wings beyond the confines of the show. Abbi Jacobson recently filmed a starring role in Dustin Guy Defa’s film Person to Person, which also stars Michael Cera and is set to hit theaters on July 28.

Comedy Central gave a bit of insight on what the pair will be getting into this season. We will see Abbi and Ilana attempt to get new jobs, travel to Florida, have a trip on mushrooms, and celebrate their Friendiversary. Season 4 will also feature a few firsts in the Broad City universe. We will finally meet Abbi’s mother, after meeting her father, played by Tony Danza, last season. Ilana’s parents and their sexual proclivities have been featured in previous episodes.

The pair will also face the one thing that truly makes you a New Yorker: their first New York winter. If the pair’s first winter is anything like the first hurricane they experienced together in season 1, we should expect a few hilarious board games and some novel bathroom humor.

Broad City is not the only show Comedy Central is bringing back on August 23. The 21st season of South Park will also return on August 23 for 10 episodes. South Park‘s new season will premiere on Comedy Central at 10 p.m., with Broad City‘s season premiere to follow at 10:30 p.m.

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