You can read Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar prequel comic online now

can read christopher nolans interstellar prequel comic online now

Yesterday brought news that fans of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar can buy a ticket for unlimited screenings of the filmmaker’s cosmic adventure, and now a prequel comic tied to the film has been published online, scripted by Nolan himself.

The seven-page comic appears in the December issue of Wired (which is guest-edited by Nolan), and the comic is also available to read online now. The story serves as a prequel to the film, describing an earlier attempt at finding a new home for Earth’s inhabitants somewhere among the stars.

It’s worth noting that, while the story itself doesn’t contain any overt spoilers, it does feature a character whose presence in the film (or rather, the actor playing him) is intended to be a bit of a surprise — so fair warning to any spoiler-sensitive readers.

Illustrated by Sean Murphy (The WakePunk Rock Jesus), the story is titled “Absolute Zero.” You can read it in full at