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Coin: A Founder’s Story trailer puts a positive spin on crypto

It’s been a rough year for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, especially if they heavily invested in the emerging market. Regardless, the new documentary Coin: A Founder’s Story puts a very positive spin on crypto’s future by examining the story of Brian Armstrong, the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase. Within the trailer, Armstrong shares his account of how he first realized the immense potential of bitcoin and how he could make it easier for the public to trade it.

Trailer | COIN: A Founder's Story | Coinbase Documentary Out Now!

As the name of the movie implies, the documentary is essentially an origin story for both Armstrong and Coinbase, the company he co-founded to help legitimize cryptocurrency. The trailer does lightly touch on crypto’s stunning collapse, which wiped out digital fortunes. Regardless, the movie is so bullish on crypto that the trailer comes off as propaganda at times.

Brian Armstrong in Coin: A Founder's Story.
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The trailer also touches upon Armstrong’s attempts to increase crypto’s reach beyond the traditionally wealthy investors, and he seems to really believe that it can be a positive thing for the world. As noted by the film’s production company, Alldayeveryday Productions, Armstrong has also “signed the Giving Pledge, committing to give the majority of his wealth to charitable causes throughout his lifetime.”

Most of the movie appears to be Armstrong telling his story in his own words. But there are a few other familiar faces who share their thoughts with the viewers, including Nas, Scott Galloway, and Paul Graham.

Greg Kohs directed Coin: A Founder’s Story, which is available on all major digital platforms.

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