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Check out this crazy industrial rock ad for David Lynch’s coffee brand

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee -- Feel Good
In the world of cinema there are movies, and then there are David Lynch movies. The famous director’s bizarre style and vision casts a unique shade on almost everything he comes into contact with, including his beloved TV series, Twin Peaks. Apparently coffee ads (and family) are no exception.

In a brilliant (and pretty hilarious) new commercial directed by daughter Jennifer Lynch, we see the apple hasn’t rolled far at all from the eccentric tree. The stylish black and white video features music (and acting) from the band Nonviolet in a groovy/creepy scene plucked straight from an Industrial Rock club in downtown Berlin.

With subtle nods to fascist propaganda films, floating heads surrounded by pitch black paint, and a fiendishly catchy tune driving the duo as they express the fact that they “wanna feel good” the ad begs you to ask “Why the hell does David Lynch make coffee, and where the hell can I get some?!”

This is far from the first outrageous ad for Lynch’s coffee brand, titled simply David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee which, somehow, has been around for years without landing in this author’s cup. The company dropped a similarly zany add a couple of weeks back, featuring an egg-headed female robot testing whether or not coffee is suitable for robots, which ends in the robot’s head exploding — so, apparently not.

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee

Lynch’s latest commercial to hit the Web follows more pertinent developments for David Lynch fans in which the teased sequel to Twin Peaks, slated for release on Showtime sometime in 2016, was recently re-confirmed by the eccentric director.

Lynch reportedly left the production in April saying “not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done,” only to rejoin the production on May 15, even signing on for “more than the originally announced nine hours,” according to Showtime president David Nevins. Apparently the two parties came to equitable terms for the original plans, and beyond.

While we’ll have to wait until 2016 to see David Lynch’s work behind the camera in the new Twin Peaks episodes, in the meantime, at least we can get a taste of that David Lynch vibe — and espresso — if only in small doses.

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