David Hasselhoff reunites with KITT for Samsung Smart Home ad

When it comes to smart cars, nothing beats the Knight Industries Two Thousand — but even the greatest smart car can get a little jealous.

In a new ad for Samsung’s Smart Home systems, Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff reunites with his former costar in the classic ’80s television series, the artificially intelligent 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am better known as K.I.T.T. (voiced by William Daniels). However, while Hasselhoff (playing himself) attempts to extoll the virtues of Samsung’s new intelligent technology during the commercial shoot, K.I.T.T. lets his feelings be known about any piece of tech purported to be the “smartest thing ever.”

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The two-minute ad is a fun little trip down memory lane for anyone familiar with Knight Rider — which apparently doesn’t include the faux crew manning the equipment for Hasselhoff’s commercial. In one self-effacing, awkward scene, Hasselhoff attempts to explain the premise of the series to a young crew member who says her dad “may have mentioned it” at some point.

“It’s primarily action, but the core of it is the relationship between a man and a talking car,” explains Hasselhoff with a straight face.

Hasselhoff, who rose to fame in the four-season series playing a special agent assisted by an intelligent car, never quite gets to saying much about the Samsung Smart Home in the ad, as he’s constantly interrupted by K.I.T.T. That’s probably because, like the Knight Rider series, the ad isn’t really about the Smart Home technology — it’s about the relationship between a man and a talking car.