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Deadpool Honest Trailer gets help from none other than the R-rated superhero himself

Screen Junkies has finally given the people what they want: a Deadpool Honest Trailer. Better still? None other than the Merc with the Mouth himself crashed the video to provide his own hilarious commentary.

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The latest episode of Honest Trailers features the webseries’ usual irreverent humor, poking fun at many aspects of the movie. For example, the narrator calls it “the R-rated film that you had to be 17 to see, but 16 to fully appreciate,” before using a fart joke from the movie as evidence. There’s also a clever description of the movie as “what feels like a really expensive, longer episode of Family Guy.”

The appearance of the sarcastic superhero (played by Ryan Reynolds) only adds to the fun. Not only does it play perfectly on Deadpool’s penchant for breaking the fourth wall, it sets up comical banter between him and the narrator. As you can imagine, Deadpool takes issue with some of the flaws the narrator sees fit to point out and isn’t afraid to say so.

One of the best moments is Deadpool’s reaction to the story being described as “a by-the-numbers revenge plot we’ve seen a million times before.” He gets heated, begins trumpeting the film’s box office success, and then goes into a bleep-laden rant about how the narrator should be, er, sucking up to him, we’ll say. (Naturally, his actual word choice is a little too NSFW for print.)

“Look, the only reason I’m even here is to promote Deadpool, which is now out on Blu-ray and DVD, blah blah blah blah, like anyone still buys those glorified fucking drink coasters,” the superhero adds. High-five to the Deadpool marketing team. Not only did they again come up with a fantastic way to plug the film, they didn’t even try to hide it.

Now let’s see if they can get Deadpool on Comedians and Cars Getting Coffee, like he suggests during his rant. That, we’d definitely like to see.

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