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Donald Trump gets debate advice from Obama in hilarious Fallon skit

Obama Calls Donald Trump with Debate Advice
Donald Trump has been a constant source of late night comedy amusement since he announced his run for president in June, but seeing that he is leading the poles for leading up to the Republican primary, the jokes just won’t go stale. In a recent Tonight Show skit, Jimmy Fallon showed that there’s plenty of gas left in the tank.

The skit starts in the Oval Office, where President Obama (played expertly by Dion Flynn) decides to try out the number for Trump that Gawker published Monday. Lo and behold, it works: Obama is congratulated by Trump on reaching him. The reality star-turned-politician is surprised to get a call from the president, but more so when he finds out that Obama wants to offer him debate advice.

When asks why he’d do that, Obama tells him, “Uh, because it would be hilarious? Look, I’ve been president for eight years. I’m ready for some entertainment. I just want to grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch this whole sh*tshow go down.”

As Obama shares his wealth of debate knowledge, Trump’s more interested in talking abut his own wealth — in nonsensical numbers. The two go back and forth, the president still trying to give advice while Trump interrupts to throw around random figures. Even Obama’s warnings about bad press go unheeded. “The media loves me; they try to act like they don’t, but they do,” Trump says. “They keep coming back for more. They’re like Chris Christie at a Golden Chorale buffet.” Ouch.

Eventually, their conversation segues to Obama’s recent trip to Kenya. After referring to the country as the president’s “home,” Trump launches into a story about how his dentist went to Africa and promised to bring back a nice souvenir. Cecil the lion’s killer as Trump’s dentist? Yeah, we could see it.

The best part of the whole video comes at the very end, though. If you stick it out till the final seconds (which is no effort), you’re rewarded with Trump and Obama teaming up for their own debate auto-tune. Being the smart politician that he is, Trump announces plans to beat Internet auto-tuners to the punch. If only.

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