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Don’t get burned on the Fury vs Wilder 3 PPV — the best way to tune in

If you’re here, you probably already know that Tyson Fury and Deonte Wilder are expecting to enter the ring this weekend, for the third time since 2018, in one of the more highly-anticipated bouts of the year. Fury is scheduled to defend his WBC heavyweight championship at 9 PM EST on Saturday.

If you’re looking to watch Fury vs Wilder 3 from the comfort of your living room, things may be a little confusing — or maybe you just want a fast track on a great streaming deal? In any case, the best way to watch is through ESPN+ whether you have a solo subscription or you take advantage of The Disney Bundle.

The Disney Bundle gives you an active subscription to three streaming services, including Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for a great rate — $14 per month. Normally, however, to watch a pay-per-view event like the Tyson vs. Wilder 3 match-up, you’d need to purchase a subscription to the service and then an additional PPV package for $80. A one-year subscription to ESPN+ with PPV access — for the single event — is $90. If you already have a subscription, the PPV package by itself is $70.

The Disney Bundle is the best way to get access to ESPN+ and the PPV event before the weekend. You can sign-up anytime, up until the event kicks off, without missing the live broadcast. What’s more, the Tyson vs. Wilder 3 bout isn’t the only one on the fight card. You’ll also get to watch Efe Ajagba take on Frank Sanchez for the continental Americas heavyweight championship. There are 2 additional heavyweight bouts, as well, Robert Helenius vs. Adam Kownacki, and Jared Anderson vs. Vladimir Tereshkin.

The main card kicks off at 9 PM ET, while the preliminaries are earlier at 7 PM ET. The earlier you sign up, the sooner you can tune in and watch, but you will have the option to sign up until the PPV event kicks off if you’d rather wait. Don’t wait too long, though: You don’t want to miss the main event.

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