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Liam Hemsworth seeks revenge on Woody Harrelson in new trailer for The Duel

Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson were united against the Capitol in the Hunger Games franchise, but when they share the screen in the upcoming Western The Duel, they’ll be facing off with each other. The film’s first trailer was recently Wednesday, and it sets the two actors up for an intense and brutal showdown.

The film follows David (Hemsworth), a Texas Ranger investigating multiple murders in a small frontier town. Signs point to the town’s revered preacher, Abraham (Harrelson), being less than godly — in fact, by crazy coincidence, he turns out to be the man who killed David’s father. Needless to say, the case becomes a lot more personal when David discovers the connection. Suddenly, vengeance is in the mix.

Revenge movies aren’t exactly a novelty, but the trailer gives reason to believe that The Duel isn’t the victim of a tired trope. The film looks gritty without being over the top, and the trailer leaves a lot of unanswered questions. It’s hard to say whether you should put your money on David surviving till the end. And if he does make it, what will the cost will be?

The situation is ominous, to say the least. Among the more chilling scenes are bodies turning up in the river, townspeople looking as though they’re possessed, and David’s wife (Alice Braga) falling ill after Abraham tells her that she isn’t feeling well. The soundtrack also plays a key role in the preview, as it perfectly amplifies the intensity of every moment.

The film is written by Matt Cook (2016’s Triple 9) and directed by Kieran Darcy-Smith (2012’s Wish You Were Here). Emory Cohen and William Sadler star alongside Hemsworth, Harrelson, and Braga.

The Duel is scheduled to hit theaters and on demand June 24.

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