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Everything you need to know about Reacher season 3

Alan Ritchson in Reacher.
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Few Amazon Prime Video shows have been as popular or celebrated as Reacher. A television adaptation of Lee Child’s lengthy book series, Reacher follows the titular hero, a hardcore detective and self-described hobo who goes around solving crimes and learning the truth using his singular and violent brand of justice.

So far, two seasons of the show have been produced, each receiving critical and commercial acclaim and cementing Reacher as the best action show currently available. Logically, a third season is already on the way, meaning fans can keep enjoying the badass adventures of this massive and unstoppable hero. Here’s everything we know so far about Reacher season 3.

What is Reacher about?

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher stares intently at something in Reacher.
Image via Prime Video

Reacher is based on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher book series. The protagonist is Jack Reacher, a self-proclaimed hobo and former U.S. Army military policeman played by Alan Ritchson. Reacher is a beast — literally. He’s enormous, muscular, and ruthless, possessing intimidating strength and a formidable intellect that make him the perfect combination of brains and brawn.

Each season adapts a book from Child’s 28-book series, following Reacher in a specific exploit. While a few characters recur, Reacher himself is the only constant, as his vagabond ways lead him to move from place to place, never staying for long in a town or city. Acclaimed for its action sequences, thrilling narrative, and Ritchson’s mighty, impenetrable performance, Reacher has quickly cemented itself as one of the best shows on Amazon.

What happened in season 2 of Reacher?

Shaun Sipos, Serinda Swan, Alan Ritchson, and Maria Sten as O'Donnell, Dixon, Reacher, and Neagley looking at a photo spread over a car hood in Reacher season 2.
Image via Amazon Prime Video

Season 2 of Reacher adapts the eleventh Jack Reacher novel, 2007’s Bad Luck and Trouble. The plot sees Reacher reuniting with his former team, the Special Investigators, after they realize someone is targeting them one by one. As they uncover a complicated and dangerous conspiracy, the team reminisces about their days together while looking to avenge their fallen friends.

The eight episodes are as thrilling and action-packed as fans would expect. They also provide further insight into Reacher’s usually stoic and emotionless facade, showing him at his happiest during his time with the Special Investigators. The season is bittersweet and poignant yet as badass as one would expect, perfectly blending gravitas with action to prove that you, indeed, do not mess with the Special Investigators.

Is Reacher season 3 already in production?

Season 3 of Reacher is already in production. Star Alan Ritchson has been quite vocal about the season’s progress, posting constant updates on his Instagram page. In a January post, Ritchson hinted at the show’s schedule, implying that the season was meant to shoot in the summer. However, the prolonged WGA and SAG/AFTRA strikes of 2023 delayed the shooting to the winter.

During a February appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Ritchson confirmed season 3 was almost done shooting, which is great news for all those expecting to see the muscular hobo back on their small screens as soon as possible.

What will Reacher season 3 be about?

In a January 24 video on Instagram, Ritchson confirmed that season 3 will adapt the seventh book in the Jack Reacher series, 2003’s Persuader. Describing the novel, Ritchson called it a “gripping, skillful blend of spies and nonstop action” and “one of the best books there is.”

The actor is spot-on; Persuader is one of the most enthralling, steamy, and compelling Jack Reacher books. The plot sees Reacher identifying Francis Xavier Quinn, a man responsible for the murder of two of Reacher’s colleagues 10 years prior and who should supposedly be dead. Joining forces with DEA agent Susan Duffy, Reacher infiltrates a smuggling ring to make Quinn finally pay for his crimes.

Who will be back for Reacher season 3?

As previously mentioned, each season of Reacher tells a distinctive, self-contained story, meaning the cast changes every time, except, of course, for Reacher himself. Alan Ritchson will be back as the titular character, but he won’t be the only familiar face. Maria Sten is confirmed to return as Frances Neagley, Reacher’s friend and most constant ally who used to be part of the Special Investigators.

As for new additions, there have already been some announcements. The big addition is ’80s icon Anthony Michael Hall as businessman Zachary Beck, who Reacher suspects is part of a larger and dangerous operation. The Man Who Fell to Earth‘s Sonya Cassidy will play Susan Duffy, a DEA agent and Reacher’s main ally during the mission, at least in the book. Meanwhile, Chicago Med‘s Brian Tee will play Quinn, the novel’s main antagonist, while newcomer Johnny Berchtold will play Richard Beck, a college student and Zachary Beck’s son, who becomes a key player in Reacher’s plot.

Lastly, on May 22, Hall confirmed to Cinemablend that Dutch actor Olivier Richters will play Paulie, one of Beck’s bodyguards, described as being taller and heavier than Reacher in Child’s novel. The 7-foot-2 Richters goes by The Dutch Giant on social media, an apt title for the actor playing the unhinged and menacing Paulie.

Is there a trailer for Reacher season 3?

REACHER Season 2 - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Sadly, it’s too soon for there to be a trailer for Reacher season 3. The season is still in production and has been since at least November 2023. As previously mentioned, Ritchson hinted that season 3 is almost done, and on April 18, he announced he’s already shooting his upcoming movie, Playdate, suggesting his work on Reacher might be close to finished. Thus, the season 3 trailer could drop near the end of the summer, although it’ll most likely arrive sometime in the fall.

When is Reacher season 3 premiering?

Alan Ritschon as Jack Reacher turning back and looking suspicious at something off-camera in Prime Video's Reacher.
Image via Amazon Prime Video

Sadly, there’s no confirmation for when season 3 of Reacher will debut. Moreover, the show’s schedule hasn’t been consistent, with season 1 premiering simultaneously on February 4, 2022, and season 2 dropping episodically, starting on December 15, 2023.

The shooting schedule suggests the show could be ready as soon as the fall of 2024. However, it’s more likely that season 3 of Reacher will premiere at the end of the year, possibly in December, like season 2. There’s also a possibility that Amazon will wait until early 2025 to debut the show. With no confirmation yet, all we can do is wait and see.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Reacher are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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