Fan-made trailer for Marvel vs DC movie is the most epic crossover we’ll never see

Marvel Comics and DC Comics may have been able to overcome their differences for the four-issue DC vs. Marvel Comics crossover in the ’90s, but a blending of the publishers’ big-screen brands — which are split over at least four different studios — isn’t likely to happen anytime soon due to the complexities of Hollywood politics. Fortunately, there are some ambitious, creative fans out there who are willing to give us a taste of what a crossover movie would look like.

Created by YouTube user Alex Luthor, the Marvel vs DC Epic Trailer lives up to its title with an impressive blend of scenes from various films, television series, and video-game cinematics that offer a faux-trailer for a film that would probably break every single box-office record in the Hollywood history.

Along with Superman brawling with Thor, the film pits Batman against Iron Man, Green Arrow against Spider-Man, and a long list of other match-ups that have been the subject of fan debates since the characters were created. (Heck, even Ghost Rider makes an appearance.) The trailer also features a few prominent villains from the publishers’ respective universes, with Dr. Doom and Deathstroke taking their turns, among others.

While the trailer samples from a wide array of projects, some of the more prominent big-screen sources include Man Of SteelThe AvengersThe Dark Knight, and installments of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Amazing Spider-Man franchises. The Arrow and The Flash television series are also well-represented in the trailer, as well as a few scenes from the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game.

Even though we’ll probably never see a feature-length version of Marvel vs DC Epic Trailer, the brief trailer does a great job of offering a peek at what could be the greatest superhero movie ever made.