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John Carpenter’s Firestarter score is coming to vinyl

Next month, the reboot of Stephen King’s Firestarter is coming to theaters and Peacock. Ryan Kiera Armstrong will take over the title role of Charlene “Charlie” McGee, as originally played by Drew Barrymore in the 1984 film. While Tangerine Dream provided the music for the original Firestarter, the reboot is getting a new score by horror icon John Carpenter (Halloween, The Fog, They Live). For over a decade, Carpenter has largely focused on his music rather than directing or scoring movies. To celebrate Carpenter’s return to the realm of horror, Sacred Bones Records is offering several variations of his Firestarter score as a vinyl release.

Via Bleeding Cool, one of the most visually striking variants is Waxwork Records’ exclusive Firestarter “Flame Burst” vinyl. As you can see in the image below, the cover jacket is die-cut on Charlie’s eyes, revealing the fire within. The actual vinyl itself provides the color of Charlie’s flames.

Waxworks Records Flame Burst vinyl for the Firestarter score.

Sacred Bones Records has also released the following description for the soundtrack:

“The Firestarter soundtrack utilizes some of the best elements of Carpenter’s famous musical repertoire and charts exciting new territory. The tracks range from fist-pumping sci-fi anthems to slow, reverb-drenched piano ballads, and each utilizes a variety of sonic applications. Skulking beats, skittering synths, crushing guitars, and an ever-lurking echo come together to create an album that is atmospheric and also deeply melodic, cohesive, and eclectic.”

You can hear some of those classic Carpenter sounds for yourself in the video below, which features the end titles for the Firestarter reboot.

"Firestarter End Titles" by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies from FIRESTARTER

John Carpenter’s Firestarter vinyl score is available for pre-order at the official site for Sacred Bones Records. The Firestarter reboot will hit theaters and Peacock on Friday, May 13.

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