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Check out Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the whole gang in Fox’s extended Peanuts trailer

The Peanuts Movie | Official Trailer [HD] | FOX Family
Fox has released the second trailer for the company’s hotly-anticipated Peanuts film debuting in November. The new movie will mark the first ever feature length release from Charles Schultz’ beloved animated franchise, now famed for its licensing efforts, with everything from Christmas specials, to blimps, to a giant Snoopy-shaped balloon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The first trailer for the film was released last November, showing the initial glimpse at Fox’s unique take on the classic, and this latest trailer digs far deeper, showing plenty of fresh action with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the whole gang in their whole new look.

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In order to create a fresh aesthetic for the historical franchise, Fox assembled a crack team of animators, among them high-ranking members of the teams behind studio successes like Happy Feet and RioThe new film aims to straddle the line between classic two-dimensional animation and modern 3D fare, with the classic characters appearing on screen with more depth than they ever have before.

Particularly exciting are new versions of classic animated sequences like Snoopy’s Red Baron flying scenes, as well as the gang skating on the frozen lake behind their neighborhood.

It’s a tough balance to strike, but as we watch Charlie Brown dance to DJ Khaled’s All I Do Is Win, before falling flat on his face — among various other references to classic Peanuts strips included in the near three minute trailer — there is a certain amount of comfort restored. In fact, the film was co-written by creator Charles Schulz’s son and grandsons, Craig and Bryan Schulz, who no doubt placed the preservation of their grandfather’s legacy as top priority.

In companion to the trailer, the studio has also released the Peanutize Me Character Creator, which allows fans of the series to create their own Peanuts movie style portrait, as well as allowing users to download either a wallpaper or profile picture size caricature of themselves with Snoopy and Woodstock in the background.

Previous on-screen Peanuts releases such as It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and A Charlie Brown Christmas have earned primetime Emmy awards, and remain among the highest rated holiday specials in their respective seasons. The comic strip is the most successful of all time, at it’s peak being read daily by 350 million people in 75 countries.

The Peanuts movie hits theaters November 6.

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