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You don’t got it, dude: Olsen twins say they won’t participate in Full House reunion show

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Talk about biting the hand that fed you. Uber-wealthy actors Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who got their big start as child (more like baby) actors on ’80s/’90s sitcom Full House, together playing the single role of Michelle Tanner, won’t appear on the reboot show, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The show, entitled Fuller House and set to debut on Netflix in 2016, will follow eldest daughter DJ Tanner (Candice Cameron Bure) as she struggles through a similar fate as her father: becoming a widowed parent to two kids, with one more on the way. Jodie Sweetin and Andrew Barber will reprise their roles as middle child Stephanie Tanner and best friend (and old neighbour) Kimmy Gibbler, respectively. Other key players have been at least confirmed for the reunion episode, including Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey), and John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), the latter of whom will also serve as a producer and actor in the series. But cute little Michelle will be nowhere to be seen. It’ll be interesting to see how they explain her absence.

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Stamos has openly expressed his upset over their decision, including the 28-year-old twins’ comment that they weren’t in the loop about the show. He also tweeted with a hashtag #heartbroken after it was confirmed that they would not participate.

It’s also unclear whether Bob Saget will reprise his role as dad Danny Tanner, and Lori Loughlin as Aunt Becky. At last word, Saget was to be “in talks” about appearing.

It remains unknown what might be holding the twins back from showing up. Perhaps scheduling issues? Or perhaps the twins (or their publicists) just want to distance themselves as far as they can from being known as the little girls who played the super-cute “You Got it, Dude!” kid back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, though it could be argued they’ve already done a pretty good job of that with their fashion empires, odd glares at the camera, and propensity toward dating older men. Would being Michelle Tanner one last time really be all that bad? Come on, girls. As Uncle Joey would say, Cut. It. Out.

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